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A Bit About Greenfield

We are all about engineering solutions and achieving positive outcomes. Leading the team is Brendon who has more than 20 years in the marine construction and diving industry, a 15 year track record with Greenfield services and has been the managing director for more than 10 years.

Our regular team puts us in the category of a small business, but we have resources to expand our operation from the pool of construction divers who contract within the NZ Construction Diving Industry. We can expand our operation as required and therefore are not limited on the services or size of the project we can perform.

By choosing to use our services you will soon realise that we are one of the best at what we do.


1. Planning/Consultation

Understanding the scope of work often requires meeting to discuss the requirements and methods used so results can be achieved. Some jobs require problem solving and methodology that is unique to underwater work, this is an area where only an experienced underwater project planner will have the knowledge and ability to formulate.


Many jobs have differing levels of expectation. At one end of the scale the client may want a basic inspection and report that is quite different from a comprehensive survey and report.  We need to understand this to be able to provide pricing that is competitive and apply appropriate methods.


We want our prospective clients to be able to make comparisons that are fair. We offer the best value and provide pricing that is accurate to complete proposed works.


2. Preparation

The key component to any successful time on site requires time to prepare. At our workshop we have a dedicated team that are always working to maintain and prepare equipment for upcoming jobs. We guarantee our equipment is fit for purpose and is presented with any required compliance checks up to date.


Our workers are prepared by completing required inductions and providing required proof of competence and notifications prior to entering the worksite. You can be sure our safety systems are of the highest quality out there because we continually achieve the highest scores in industry health and safety auditing.


We have a network of suppliers that are reliable, resourceful and have developed respectful relationships with excellent credit ratings, so we don’t have procurement issues.


3. Execution

Over many years of operation, we have developed methodologies and formatted these into procedures that are documented in our Operations Manuals. Our Operation Manuals are an integral tool for our workers on site.


We have developed a customised safety system that has received top rating with various auditing agencies. Our supervisors and workers have the qualifications, experience, and skill to tackle the most demanding tasks we encounter and carry out their duties with calmness and diligence.


We have managers and supervisors who are qualified permit receivers and trained in health and safety, this means we are competent to also work within our client’s compliance and permitting systems.


4. Reporting

Having a record of any work completed that is not visible can be as important as the job itself. Our reporting ranges from verbal to simple documentation for basic work and comprehensive documents with charts, diagrams, photographs, and other digital media.


If requested our reporting can also contain additional items such as on-going inspection and maintenance programmes and other recommendations that may lead to reduced downtime and better overall operation.


We say what we will do, and we do what we say.

Big Business Ability

Small Business Values

Since 1978

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