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We provide support with inspection and maintenance for plant in the utilities industry. Reservoir work includes potable water operations such as sediment or flocculant extraction to structural remedial and earthquake strengthening work. Often, we work with other contractors during valve changes and other maintenance where divers are required to make an isolation.

We also dive in the wastewater sector of utilities from outfall construction and install to inspection and pump station maintenance works.

For utilities monitoring, water quality is a key service we provide by collecting water and shellfish for environmental testing.

We are experienced and highly capable of carrying out any civil work in hydro, geothermal, manufacturing, and any other industries that have submerged plant. Survey and inspection work is common and is often followed by maintenance work.


This sector of work is broad with notable types of jobs being pile inspection and scour repairs, dam structures, relining of pipes, construction of boat ramps, reconstructing eroded concrete, pile repairs, dredging, engineering and structural strengthening.

For the generating sector we are active in maintaining all aspects of hydro generation schemes, from lake vegetation maintenance, dam structural inspections and maintenance to turbine and system maintenance. If it is in the water or is associated with water, we can maintain it. We are a multi-talented team with the manager trained and experienced in many fields of mechanical and general engineering along with acquired skills of 20 years working in the marine and construction diving industry, making us a strong solutions based organisation.

Structures that are submerged require divers or special equipment to monitor their condition. Underwater structures typically loose integrity quicker than their equivalent in the dry and are often inspected less frequently because of the difficulty with access. During underwater surveys providing comprehensive investigating and reporting with attention to detail are our strengths.


We achieve comprehensive investigation into underwater structures by utilising tools such as ultra-sonic metal testing along with high-definition photography and standard measuring techniques. We can also capture information that can be later converted into charts of underwater locations such as rivers and dams. Part of our resources on our vessels is side scanning ability that is a valuable tool for locating underwater structures.

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